CTE Trailers and Asonido SRL: a decade long partnership

We have grown over the years thanks to and alongside our partners and customers. From the very beginning, we knew it was important to create strong, long-lasting connections with as many of the major players in the Romanian transport and logistics market as possible and we consciously pursued this goal from our first sale onwards.

Our market entry as suppliers of heavy commercial vehicles for the construction industry coincided with a period of massive development of this segment. For CTE Trailers this meant growing at the same pace as our customers.

In this article, we discuss with our partners of more than 12 years from SC Asonido SRL about their experience with products from Meiller, the brand that has earned their trust. We will find out the arguments behind this choice and the reasons that convinced them to come back and continue their collaboration with CTE Trailers for more than a decade.

SC Asonido SRL is a trading company that owns the stone quarry in Malnaș, Covasna County and also transports construction aggregates. They have been active on the market since 2012, after signing a partnership with Dio Andezit. The company offers its customers quarry products, crushed from granite stone, and has a production of 4000 tons of asphalt aggregate and stone for road foundations.

Florin Nicolae Ochi, the company’s administrator, told us about the company’s 2012 beginnings, when they went on the road with only 6 trucks and 6 trailers. They understood, from the beginning, the importance of choosing a quality brand to rely on. They opted for Meiller products, internationally recognised for reliability and innovation, considering them the best choice. Since then, the number of Meiller transport vehicles used by SC Asonido SRL has increased tenfold. Recently, their fleet has welcomed 10 new 8X4 vehicles. According to Florin Nicolae Ochi, the new vehicles will help them not only maintain their current performance level, but also optimise it for the future.

The people of the CTE Trailers team and their priceless insights are the primary reasons named by Asonido for continuing this partnership year after year. Florin Nicolae Ochi, particularly, appreciates the professionalism of the CTE Trailers team but also the very close relationship he has cultivated over the years with the CTE Trailers CEO, Dana Manns. He mentions that all agreements and contracts have been strictly respected by both parties throughout the years, which has strengthened the collaboration between the two entities.

SC Asonido SRL has nothing but praise for Meiller, the brand they continue to choose for the reliability of their vehicles. Florin Nicolae Ochi mentions among his favourite features of Meiller vehicles the very good positioning of their centre of gravity, which gives them great stability, as well as the technical improvements over time enabling their customers to always meet their production targets.

In conclusion, Meiller products continue to prove their reputation built over time: reliable, quality products and enduring partnerships based on trust, professionalism and honesty.

At CTE Trailers we value partnerships! Since we set out on this journey, we have always been committed to our customers and partners and we will remain true to this value.

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