Our CTE Trailers company history began over twenty years ago in 2001, in a small office in Bucharest. Since then, we have evolved constantly especially because we have always focused on our mission but also on cultivating our entrepreneurial mindset. The moment we started updating our inventory and our products and services catalog, we began targeting other areas of business. Consequently, in 2014, out of a desire to benefit from the know-how of our experienced partners in various areas of the transport industry, the CTE Group emerged as a result of associating with CTE Solution Specialized Machinery. Two years later, we were joined by CTE Rent and in 2018, we laid the groundwork for CTE Trailers Bulgaria and CTE Solution Hungary. The motivation for all these actions was our main goal to offer CTE Trailers clients a complete services package.

With the same thought in mind, this year, we signed an exclusive collaboration with HeavyGoods.net. A well-known platform in the German transport industry and utilized by many important brands, this software is dedicated to planning transports, especially heavy goods and not only. The platform proves to be a tremendous help to players such as Schmidbauer GmbH or KVS Michael Mross e.K. by simplifying their planning efforts, but it also helps local authorities such as BSR that uses it for simulating the driving strategies and cleaning routes for the waste collection vehicles in Berlin.

Starting this Summer, CTE Trailers clients from Romania and Bulgaria can have complete access to the platform assistance feature for configuring the necessary transport vehicle mission, as well as route simulation. Even more, they can customize the area by adding bridges, different obstacles or areas that can’t be crossed by vehicles.

Moreover, our clients will be able to make use of the following app functions:

  • HeavyLoad, which can help them with immediate display of hydraulic pressures, air pressures, axle loads and fifth wheel loads;
  • HeavySim, destined for calculating the perfect route and swept paths and improved with innovating Fraunhofer technology;
  • HeavyLash, used for setting lashing points interactively and tighten chains by mouse;
  • HeavyEngineer, used for simulation of circular driving maneuvers including examination of ring area width and off-tracking dimension.

With these instruments at their disposal, perfectly integrated in the HeavyGoods.net platform and together with a variety of vehicle and merchandise offers, CTE Trailers clients can enjoy transport routes that are well-planned till the last km.

CTE Trailers: It is in our power to be by your side anywhere, anytime. 

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