The order is for 360 brand new Krone Profi Liner standard curtainsider semi-trailers, 90 of which have already been delivered till this moment.

DISCORDIA is known for its continuous development and expansion and for the high and ambitious goals that its creator Hristo Hristov sets and with which he infects and inspires the entire team. The company achieves its goals by continuously investing in new technologies and high-potential employees, while optimizing its work processes and improving the level of service. Of particular importance is the renewal of the fleet of trucks – both tractors units and semi-trailers. As a result, DISCORDIA has vehicles of the latest generation and with a low average age, which ensures a reduction in carbon emissions, as well as comfort and safety for drivers.

In this case, it is specifically about the delivery of new semi-trailers. The choice has settled on new standard curtainsiders semi-trailers from the new generation Krone Profi Liner with three-way unloading or the so-called triple blind type. The curb weight of these semi-trailers is low at 6136 kg (+/- 3%), which means more payload. These include the multi-award winning Multilock system with included load securing positions every 100mm. The new generation of Krone Profi Liner semi-trailers is also distinguished by a new construction of the portal doors and the floor.

A nice detail is that the multi-functional rear lights are full LED, and their manufacturer is HELLA.

With every semi-trailer, the guarantees provided are of particular importance. In this case, KRONE manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty against pitting corrosion of the chassis. This is possible thanks to the method of processing the steel parts with sandblasting and applying a cathode coating (CDC – Cathode Dip Coating), which protects against corrosion, as well as powder painting the entire chassis and baking at high temperature. All this provides a long-lasting anti-rust coating. This high quality is obtained in the new KRONE plating center, opened 4 years ago. It is located on an area of 16,500 square meters and has a height of 20 m. Thanks to the highly automated technologies implemented in it, the chassis for the KRONE semi-trailers are produced not only without analogue in the quality of the coating, but also quite quickly – the time for processing one chassis is under 7 minutes. You can see more about this technology in the video. –

Full LED rear lights

In terms of warranties, Krone also offers an extended warranty of 6 years for its own brand of Krone axles, with no mileage restrictions in EU countries.

The delivery for DISCORDIA regarding the KRONE semi-trailers is carried out by CTE TRAILERS BULGARIA. The total number of semi-trailers contracted is 360, the first 90 units are already working in the DISCORDIA fleet, and the rest will be delivered in stages until the end of 2023.

Regarding this big deal, Georgi Baltov, Commercial Director of CTE Trailers Bulgaria, said: We are proud of the fact that DISCORDIA is now part of the Krone family. Together we made a big and important step for the Bulgarian market and I am glad that the management of DISCORDIA appreciated the new implemented technologies that Krone has been implementing for the last 4 years. With this deal, we can and will show the majority of transport companies in Bulgaria that they can trust a proven and cost-effective investment product that fully meets all the needs of modern transport companies looking for development.

KRONE provides 10-year warranty against pitting corrosion on chassis