CTE Trailers Bulgaria with the first delivery of D-TEC container semi-trailers

The high quality containerized semi-trailers were delivered by the importer of the Dutch brand D-TEC in Bulgaria to CTE Trailers Bulgaria. The first three semi-trailers were delivered to Bon Marin Holding AD.

The semi-trailers delivered by CTE Trailers Bulgaria are one of the new D-TEC models – the Flexitrailer FT-LSS (S-Line). This is a three axle semi-trailer for the transport of containers of different capacity. The Flexitrailer FT-LS-S is extendable in the front and rear, allowing for extreme flexibility in handling and transport tasks.

The other distinctive quality of the model is the extremely low self-weight achieved by the lightweight highstrength steel Domex S700 High strength steel, from which the container chassis of the semi-trailer is made. The Flexitrailer FT-LS-S weighs only 4,600 kg at its normal weight for semi-trailers in this segment of 5400-5500 kg. This is especially important in modern transportation, as 20-foot containers are often 27 to 30 tonnes gross.

The extension of the Flexitrailer FT-LS-S semi-trailer in the rear is done by a crank-driven mechanism and mechanically in the front. When folded down, the overall length of the semi-trailer is 9527 mm, in which one 20-foot or one 30-foot container can be transported. The maximum overall length of the Flexitrailer FT-LS-S is 14 122 mm, and a 45-foot container can be carried in this position. The telescopic frame of the semi-trailer extends in the front and back several steps and allows a total of seven different overall lengths and distances between the locks. This makes it possible to transport one 20-foot or two 20- foot containers or one 30-foot, 40-foot or 45-foot container. One of the most important features of the Flexitrailer FT-LS-S is, that by extending into the middle, four preset values can be achieved based on the semi-trailer. It is thus possible to transport 45-foot containers without a special permit.

The semi-trailers delivered by CTE Trailers Bulgaria are equipped with the Wabco braking system as well as the Wabco Air Suspension Controlbox control system. SAF Holland bridges are available on request, but DTec can also be ordered with BPW bridges. Wheel brakes are disc brakes. The first semi-trailer axle is lifted automatically, with lifting and lowering being controlled by an EBS computer.

The height of the chassis and the attachment height to the drawbar of the tractor is 1110 mm. The entire Flexitrailer FT-LS-S chassis is coated with salt air, as container semi-trailers are often used for ferry shipping or operating in ports. The contact spot between the semi-trailer frame and the tractor’s seat is galvanized for safe corrosion protection. Overall, the Flexitrailer FT-LS-S semi-trailer impresses with the quality of workmanship and the components and materials attached.

According to Valery Petrov, manager of Terminal Operator EOOD, one of the subsidiaries of Varna-based company Bon Marin Holding AD, the choice fell on D-Tec and the Flexitrailer FT-LS-S model mainly because of the quality of the product. “We chose a manufacturer specializing in container and oversized semi-trailers because it is a guarantee of higher quality. The model has a very low weight, which is also important for us. Last but not least – the construction is simple and reliable and this will generate less time for us, ”explained Mr. Petrov. With the three semi-trailers, the company is replacing part of its fleet, which has 11 container tracks. The new semi-trailers will be used mainly for internal transport of containers from and to the ports in Varna and Burgas.

“With this delivery we prove that we can offer on the Bulgarian market the full range of trailers – from onboard semi-trailers, oversized semi-trailers, semi-trailers for bulk materials, through grain-carrying semi-trailers, to refrigerated and container semi-trailers. Moreover, when we entered the market in our country, we noticed that information about new and specialized products in semi-trailers and all the specifics around them is scarce and does not reach the end customer. Thus, customers are left with the impression that over time, the manufacturers of towing equipment do not maintain a level that can meet their requirements and the needs of the partners they work with. With this delivery, we have shown that when you provide the market with accurate and clear information about these products, customers can make the right choice. The purpose of me and my team is to create an attitude in clients to contact us when they need complete and clear consultation and advice for new activity of their companies. They can be sure that we can respond by using not only our partners’ know-how, but also our long-standing work with our clients in the Romanian market, “says Georgi Baltov, Sales Director of ETE Trailers Bulgaria.

The Plovdiv-based company offers on the Bulgarian market in addition to the D-TEC models and products of many prestigious brands such as Zaslaw, MAX Trailer, Legras, Faymonville… As a subsidiary of CTE Trailers Romania, CTE Trailers Bulgaria supplies to our market all used semi-trailers. top brands known on the Bulgarian market. The Romanian parent company sells about 2000 semi-trailers annually – new and used. ETE Trailers Romania is the representative of 7 leading suppliers offering products in three different segments – transport, construction and utility. These suppliers include such names as Krone, Meiller, Faymonville, Faun, Hyundai Construction, Legras and others.

As a market innovator, CTE Trailers Bulgaria is prepared to offer customers D-TEC semi-trailers for cereal transportation at best available quality within weeks.

Link to interview: https://www.kamioni.bg/bg/menu/244/post/24841/STE-Trejlyrs-Bylgariq-s-pyrva-dostavka-na-kontejnerovozni-poluremarketa-D-TEC?page=1