CTE Trailers at Truck Expo Bulgaria 2019

Between 6th and 8th of June 2019, CTE Trailers participated at the Truck Expo in Lesnovo with semi-trailers from Zaslaw, Max Trailer and Legras.

The Max Trailer model showcased was a 3-axle low-bed semi-trailer, extendable both in width and length with hydraulic ramps for loading heavy machinery. 

CTE Trailers also presented two Zaslaw models: an aluminium tipping semi-trailer of 54m3 with vertical front wall for agriculture and a steel half pipe semi-trailer of 25m3 for constructions, both with galvanised chassis. 

The walking-floor Legras semi-trailer was a first to be introduced on the Bulgarian market. The French company Legras is the only one to produce its own patented walking-floor. This semi-trailer has a reinforced entrance part, where the load is heaviest and simplified roof design that takes only one minute to open. 

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