The reason for the development mentioned on the previous page, of course, are good sales, carried out by CTE Trailers Bulgaria and its small, but effective team. Here are some of deliveries made in recent months.

MAX TRAILER for the company ROSTER OOD from Smolyan

CTE Trailers България е доста-вила голям брой тежкотовар-ни полуремаркета MAX Trailer.

CTE Trailers Bulgaria has delivered a large number of MAX Trailer low bed semi-trailers. One of the interesting deliveries in the past months is delivery on a 3-axle semi-trailer MAX TRAILER for the Smolyan company ma Roster OOD. This is construction enterprise with extensive experience in the field of demolition of buildings and facilities. The delivered model is MAX100-N-3A-9.30-RM-U. Behind that complex designation lies the following characteristics:

  • 3 BPW axles – last axle is steered and 2 the other 2 are fixed
  • Wheel recesses between first and second axle for placing wheels on construction
  • Loading lenght of the platform 9300 mm
  • Extendable platform up to 4750 mm
  • Pair of hydraulically operated ramps
  • 3 pairs of WADER container pockets in the loading platform adapted for the transport of one 20′ (30′) and 40′ foot container
  • Central greasing BECAMAX (Pico)
  • Warning signs for oversized cargo
  • External galvanized extension outriggers
Other symbolic deliveries are on 4-axle low bed semitrailers MAX Trailer for companies SI Trans EOOD and GAP-07 EOOD from Plovdiv or other type of mechanical machinery that is transported

CTE Trailers Bulgaria is a representative also of the Polish brand ZASLAW. Until the end of year and delivery of 10 units cereal tipping semitrailers ZASLAW with a volume of 59.5 m3 per customer from different regions of Bulgaria. Here’s into short, the specifications of these cereal semitrailers.

The chassis is of light construction, made steel with increased strength of DOMEX 700 MC. It is galvanized and also includes folding rear bumper, drawbar and mechanical SAF landing legs with levels. The axles are SAF with first lifting axle. In the loading section:

  • the floor is made of durable aluminum material 5083 with thickness 7 mm;
  • reinforced corners on the front wall;
  • the side walls are made of aluminum profiles with thickness 30 mm;
  • rear closure: combined doors, 50:50, full unloading with open doors and closed tarpaulin cover, system with open lid and closed tarpaulin cover;
  • retractable in the form of a roll- tarpaulin 680 gr / m2, equipped with aluminum new pipe;
  • 2 cereal chutes for unloading;
  • additionally welded loading compartment.

The lifting cylinder is Hyva, including Hyfix stabilizer, which provides creates a breakdown of the camp system topic of hydraulics when used on offroad roads. The equipment also includes plastic tool box with equipment [2 wrenches, reflective red triangle], galvanized working-platform mounted on the box body, broom and shovel mounted on the on the front wall, aluminum ladder mounted on the side along the the chassis.