Персонализирани ремаркета за всяко предизвикателство – Предоставяме оптимални решения, които отговарят на всичките ви транспортни нужди. Разгледайте продукти, които установяват нови стандарти в иновациите и качеството. Нашата гама от ремаркета гарантира дълготрайна стойност и съчетава практичност с лесна употреба.

Оптимално решение за всяко изискване – От разнообразни възможности като Profi Liner до специализирани избори като Paper Liner или Coil Liner, ние предлагаме платформени полуремаркета, проектирани за различни сценарии и спецификации. Независимо дали става въпрос за високата вместимост на Mega Liner или специализираните функции за осигуряване на товара при Paper или Coil Liner, KRONE разбира необходимостите на транспортните професионалисти и внимава за всеки практически аспект.

The ZASLAW name has been around since 1953 as a renowned Polish producer of trailers and semi-tralers with over 500 000 vehicles sold to this day. You are guaranteed to see Zaslaw vehicles every day on the road, parked at farms or at construction sites and in many other locations. ZASLAW creates solid trailers, semi-trailers and vehicles created to suit all customer needs that distinguish themselves through functionality and resistance. What makes ZASLAW vehicles a valuable acquisition is their mission to shorten the loading time and guarantee cargo stability during transport. Their extra care for details is what makes them some of the best in the industry.

MAX Trailer is a brand of trailers and semi-trailers designed for special transport. MAX Trailer provides standardized yet premium quality vehicles with an innovative concept of building special trailers. To be more precise, standardized components and an ultra-standardized manufacturing method allows for a cost effective and high quality product. With over 50 years of experience in building trailers and semitrailers, the Faymonville group member benefits from a large know-how strategy and top production infrastructures. The MAX Trailer brand was created in 2012 by Faymonville, the leading manufacturer of trailers, low-loaders and modular vehicles suitable for all transport outside of the conventional standards. In order to create standardized MAX Trailers of exceptional quality, the Faymonville group has invested years of experience in the construction of the new brand. They leave nothing to chance when it comes to product quality.

Legras is a supplier of semi-trailers with walking floors which can be used in the following areas: waste management and recycling, timber industry, agriculture, paper industry etc. Legras Industries is a family business founded in 1919 by Lucien Legras. The company has its headquarters in Epernay, at the heart of the Champagne region, France. Advocates of quality, progress and innovation, Legras manufactures vehicles tailored to customer needs. Legras business is organized into two main fields of activity: Europe: Legras is known as a specialist in moving floor semi-trailers (FMA) and related logistics solutions. Vehicles produced by Legras are specially designed to transport dry bulk products for numerous industries. Moreover, Legras is a supplier for different companies in the following fields: environment, paper and forest products, agriculture and cement. Africa: Legras supplies semi-trailers for the transport of dry bulk and liquid products. Legras equipment is designed to cope with severe operating conditions in different fields of activity, such as: transport of minerals, fuels, bitumen, cement, sugar cane, cotton or transport of solid waste. Legras Industries is a member of Carcoserco.

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