General description

Krone stands as the forefront innovator in the realm of mobile boxes (swop bodies), marked by robust chassis constructions and a choice between sliding tarpaulin superstructures or enclosed boxes equipped with durable steel rear doors. The trailers are thoughtfully engineered for this specific application, showcasing 2 axles in configurations such as front/rear or center tandem, offering variable chassis loading heights for standard or volume boxes, some with lowered chassis options. These mobile boxes can be fashioned from steel and optionally outfitted with a double-loading floor spanning 2 levels, complete with a range of cargo securing systems. For versatility, they can also be configured as refrigerated units with sandwich walls and independent cooling systems, or with 30 mm sandwich walls designed for transporting fresh products. The mobile tarpaulin swop bodies boast a sliding roof, movable side pillars, and a MultiLock floor frame. For extended goods, the optimal solution is the 13.6 m long mobile swop body with a sliding tarpaulin.

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