General description

Engineered to excel in transporting valuable commodities, this trailer offers the option of integrating extra safety measures. With impressive versatility, it can be tailored with coupling heights suitable for standard or Mega tractors. Inside, the trailer can be outfitted with horizontal rails at varying heights to facilitate cargo stabilization.

Boasting a robust construction, the trailer’s superstructure is anchored by an optimized, sturdy front wall and a rear door frame that enhances overall rigidity when the steel doors are secured shut. This robust build ensures the capability to transport diverse goods, particularly high-value items. The inclusion of a translucent ceiling and the availability of loading and mooring accessories enhance both flexibility and efficiency.

For additional protection during loading and unloading, the option to equip the side walls with plywood is available. The variant featuring 30 mm sandwich walls and a double floor system is particularly well-suited for fresh product logistics.

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