General description

These trailers, designed with drawbars, feature front steering and either fixed rear axles or tandem axles, configured in 2 or 3 axle setups. The superstructure includes a solid front wall, a MultiLock exterior frame floor, sliding side tarpaulin, and movable side pillars. For added convenience, the roof can be equipped with a hydraulic lifting system. In cases where the truck features a lowered chassis with 3 axles or the trailer boasts a lowered chassis for optimal loading capacity, a forklift transfer system can be configured to seamlessly move cargo between the trailer and the truck, streamlining loading and unloading tasks.

Furthermore, trailers with drawbars, front steering axle, and 1 or 2 fixed rear axles can be tailored with foldable sideboards at the sides and rear, eliminating the need for tarpaulins. This specialized setup is ideal for transporting construction materials.

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