General description

This semi-trailer features a lowered chassis, specifically designed for transporting voluminous cargo (maximum internal capacity of 100 m3). It comes standard with a hydraulic lifting roof that greatly simplifies side loading and unloading operations, particularly beneficial for the automotive sector. The roof height can be easily adjusted through a straightforward system, with separate hydraulic controls for the front and rear pillars, along with convenient manual adjustment for the side pillars. The rear roof beam offers the flexibility of being secured in three positions (or optionally five). Additionally, the trailer can be customized with specialized packages for rail transportation (Hucke Pack) or roller transport (Coil). The trailer is equipped with 19.5′ axles.

For applications involving frequent loading and unloading throughout the day, there’s the Mega Liner Confort version. This variant introduces an innovative mechanism for tensioning and securing the side tarpaulin, eliminating the need for side pillars.

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