General description

This series adopts novel materials and innovative design concepts, facilitating an augmented payload by reducing the trailer’s inherent weight. The Profi Liner Ultra model showcases a reengineered chassis and employs lightweight alloys in the construction of the front wall, rear doors, and floor. This configuration results in a potential weight of 5,630 kg, while maintaining a maximum load capacity of 5,460 kg on the forklift axle.

The Mega Liner Ultra variant also features a revamped chassis, incorporating elongated beams and crossbeams that are meticulously optimized for weight efficiency. This enables the trailer to achieve a total weight of 5,950 kg without compromising stability.

Similarly, the Coil Liner Ultra model achieves a weight of 5,980 kg by integrating high-grade steels and incorporating a range of pioneering innovations in both chassis and floor design. These enhancements are achieved while upholding the trailer’s robustness and operational capabilities.

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