The MAX100 model is a 2-6 axles extendable semi-trailer. MAX100 is designed to perform special transportation in the industrial, construction and public work domains.

MAX100 is a low-bed semi-trailer optimized for machine transportation. It allows the transportation of: construction machines, road construction machines, forestry machines, farming machines, industrial pieces.

All models have a standard width of 2.540 mm and a total overall length of 16.500 mm and are available with 2-6 axles.

The loading platform can be extendable. The standard model is equipped with an air suspension and friction steered axles.

The MAX100 can also be ordered with wheel recessexcavator trough, a lifting platform or with a low loading height of 760 mm.
 is the option with “hydro-mechanical” steering of the MAX100!

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