Creativity is a spark and the actions we initiate in order to achieve our goals are our fuel. Anyone can come up with an idea but what really matters is to develop it within the context of a product. This is how we began developing the platform, starting with an idea and with the need to meet our clients’ expectations while going even further than our competitors.

We embarked on this road motivated by our wish to offer online higher quality services. The platform was created under the CTE Trailers name but it possesses its own identity and reunites all brands supplied under CTE Trailers in one single place. is the first online platform dedicated to selling/buying online used vehicles, semi trailers and trailers belonging to CTE Trailers and their partners which aims to help clients in need of quick and efficient purchases.

The platform will focus mainly on selling & buying used vehicles but it will also include new trailers and semi trailers with 0 kms, ready to be delivered immediately from stock. Used vehicles will be purchased by a trustworthy vendor group from all over the world. After the vehicles arrive at the CTE Trailers premises in Ciorogârla, Arad or Plovdiv, our experts will run a vehicle inspection in order to ensure the safety of our clients.

After the vehicle inspection is complete, the vehicles are uploaded into the system and integrated into the platform. Each and every client that purchases a vehicle through is guaranteed complete functionality and a wear and tear rate of maximum 50% for the tires and brake system. 

The platform offers all CTE Trailers clients and not only, access to new and used products from its three personal parks in Arad, Ciorogârla and Plovdid but also to vehicles that are in stock with our partners. Our stock is constantly updated on our website and our clients save time and money by limiting the number of platforms they have to use. Simultaneously, the SELECTrailers clients have access to our client service team which remains at their disposal for every question and every step of the way. Finally, delivery is immediate in order to ensure that the vehicle requested will reach its destination at the right time, in no more than two weeks.

At the same time, clients that wish to sell the vehicles they no longer need can benefit from a series of convenient offers we propose. One advantage is that clients don’t need to guarantee the state of the vehicle. The entire process of vehicle inspection is made by the CTE Trailers experts before signing the purchase contract. The price is received right then and there.

As a result, the SELECTrailers clients have access to an online complex platform where they can immediately buy new and used vehicles that are verified and in good condition and ready to satisfy the client’s objectives. In the near future, we expect that the platform will become the first website in Romania to sell and buy semi trailers, semi tractors and other commercial vehicles, exclusively online. Our goal is for this project to become a hub where our clients can sell, buy and promote vehicles while saving time and money.

At CTE Trailers, it is in our power to rise above our clients’ expectations.

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